It is the Foundation’s belief that the key to success is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by focusing on the Mind, Body, and Soul (Triple Play Approach). Programs that encourage mental health, increased physical activity, and personal/economic growth are the core of the Foundation’s overall activities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential step in taking control over one’s destiny and individual empowerment.

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“Ruff Ryders 2 the Rescue" is a humanitarian organization. Our purpose is to actualize the vision of the Dean family to have resources in place to assist communities, families affected by weather and the economic hardship within internal Ruff Ryders families that need assistance. In efforts to honor our call to action, we have created a Rescue Team that will work closely with our State Leaders as situations develop as well as actively participate in monthly charitable community events.

We know it takes a village and we are the community that comes to the rescue, therefore, I am asking for volunteers to help us impact our internal families as well as our local communities.


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