Community Watch



Ruff Ryders to the Rescue Foundation operates a community watch program that is growing nationwide and is not the typical violence prevention program. Ruff Ryders Community Watch capitalizes on its affiliation with CURE Violence to offer comprehensive services that are neighborhood focused.

CURE Violence has been in existence since 2000 and is an organization that views violence as a public health issue, and treats it using disease control methods.



Ruff Ryders Community Watch and CURE Violence collaboration will be initiated in the cities aligned with the Ruff Ryders Entertainment tour beginning in Spring 2017. Within each targeted city, four (4) communities that have been identified as being most susceptible to gun violence will have a community watch program established in its neighborhood. The community watch will establish connections with local community centers, YMCAs, CBOs, etc. to house the program’s daily operations and offer additional services. Locally based partnerships may or may not be existing CURE Violence sites.



The CURE Violence health model has been implemented in cities nationwide. Large cities, such as New York, Chicago, Baltimore, San Antonio, New Orleans, Syracuse, and Albany have successfully reduced the rate of violence in the communities in which CURE violence is active. For the CURE Violence health model to be most effective, it must be correctly executed. CURE Violence is collaborating with the Ruff Ryders Community Watch to ensure fidelity to the model and to provide training and technical assistance.